Telescope looking into romance

Once upon a time a very good friend of mine took me out for a dinner that felt like it was part of a story. It was a lot further away from my regular destinations. I resataurant 3remember being very excited since my friend had mentioned this place many times and finally we had found the time to visit it. This place is called Telescope and it is in Haidari. It combines both a coffee lounge as well as a restaurant. We went to the restaurant that night. Continue reading


Kozi’s me Meet ‘n Eat

For you my friends who love good food I have a great suggestion for today! Every time I think about this awesome place I get the feeling that I’m hungry. It has some of the tastier meat dishes I have ever tasted. Once I found out about this restaurant it was impossible for me not to go back again. I chose to celebrate my birthday here last year so you can tell how much I love it! All of my friends really enjoyed the food.

resturant Kozi'sThe restaurant I am talking about is Kosi’s and it is located in Melissia. The specialties are stakes and burgers. What I love about this place the most, besides the delicious food, is the fact that it has a funky, and very friendly environment. Continue reading

Loukumami!!!! Get ready for a sweet trip to Europe!

For you my friends who have a sweet tooth. This suggestion has a funny story since the reason why I found this place is because of a copyright class I have taken. We had to create a copy for an ad for this place called Loukumami, which I had never heard of before. For the purpose of my assignmeloukumamint I wanted to visit this place so I could experience what it looked and tasted like and then start working for my project. So we went with some friends from class and we found a cozy playfully looking patisserie café in downtown Athens where one can fined 3 different types of loukumades Continue reading

Multi-blend experience! Taf

I have been to Monastiraki countless times because I really enjoy wandering around and walking through the wonderful picturesque alleys. I remember one specific time when I found one of my favorite hidden corners in Athens, it is called Taf The Art Foundation. What I really like about this place is that it creates a mysterious feeling. Perhaps one of the reasons I find Taf taf art cafe bar mysterious is because of the fact that even though it is in the center of Monastiraki, not many people know about it. If you don’t know about the place you can not find it, since it has no sigh over the entrance and it looks like it is an abandoned building from the outside. The entrance is a small old wooden door and you cannot imagine that behind that door an awesome place is hiding. It’s totally worth walking in! Continue reading

A walk by the sea

For todays suggeresturantstion I will take you to a wonderful walk by the sea now that finally the days are getting warmer and summer is just around the corner. Where do you prefer going when you don’t have a lot of time to spend in the car traveling but you really need some time for your self? I personally feel relieved from the every day routine and the overwhelming fast pace of Athens when I go somewhere by the sea. The reason I enjoy going to Marathona is because I can take my beloved dog with me whose name by the way is Schnitzel. Yes I know! I have named my dog after of a food but, if you see him, you can understand why. He is a cinnamon-blonde cocker spaniel, with long floppy ears that have the same shape as a schnitzel, and curly hair. I adore him and I could spend hours taking about him but let me continue. After our walk on the beach and the countless hours playing fetch, I go to a wonderful family business restaurant that is on the seaside. It is called Faros and it has fresh seafood, Continue reading

Maimou cafe bar

Have you ever thought you know all the bars in an area and suddenly you discover a place you have never been to before and you end up loving it? Well that happened to me two weeks ago. Because I live in the northern suburbs, one of my favourite places to go to for night-life is Halandri. I really enjoy going there because it features many small different café bars in a maze of alleysmaimou coctail bar. Two weeks ago I went out to meet my friends for a drink. It was Saturday and I remember the day because as I’m sure you all agree, Saturday nights are crazy. All the young people are out with friends. All bars were over crowded and we couldn’t find a place to go. So we wandered from one bar to another looking for a place where we could get a stand. We tried all of the bars we usually go to but they were full. Finally, after a lot of time searching, we saw a group of friends exiting a bar and we rushed right in. I could tell immediately that our luck had changed as we found ourselves in…Jamaica!

Continue reading

IL Barretto

Todays suggestion will be a bit different, finally I will wright my first post about where you can find delicious food. But first let me tell you that I love going shopping, as all women do! You are thinking what does shopping have to do with food. I personally associate everything to food. I like spending time at the shops, not necessarily to buy something and spend money, which I don’t usually have, I enjoy window shopping. I personally prefer going shopping during the week because I enjoy the walk a lot more since there aren’t so many people out and the shops are not over crowded. Of course you would think that there isn’t enough time in the week but any ways, that’s one of the benefits of being a student you have plenty of free time. Anyways, the point I want to make is that every time after going out with girl (naturally most of the times!!) friends for shopping we always want to eat something. Do you have a break to eat something and continue afterwards? If not, keep on reading. Next time you go shopping to one of the three shopping centers in Athens; Golden Hall at Marousi, MacArthur Glen at Spata and at River west Aigaleo, you must go to one of my favourite places it’s called “IL Barretto”. “IL Barretto” is an Italian Cafe Restaurant where you can find one of the most delicious Italian well-presented plates.

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